Defense Gun Training and Self-Defense Combatives

Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist (PA, NJ)

NRA Certified Law Enforcement and Civilian Firearms Instructor
MPOETC Certified Lethal Weapons Instructor • PA Act 235 Certified • LEOSA HR218

Prepared is present tense. Victim is past tense. Justice, in theory, can be either, but most agree that no justice exists in past tense!”
John Farnam

Private Handgun Instruction

If you are a beginner, and/or new to guns, we can help you become a competent handgun shooter. Train privately with us and you will acquire good shooting habits. If you are an experienced shooter, we can diagnose your handgun shooting problems and help you improve your handgun shooting precision and speed.

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Self-Defense Combatives

Our instructors are well equipped to teach you a variety of close quarter combat skills to get the job done efficiently and decidedly. Each of our instructors has a different set of talents, but all of our instructors will teach you how to fight and win if you are attacked in an asocial confrontation.

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icon-pdsAbout Personal Defense Solutions

We offer firearm training to law abiding citizens which include: civilians, law enforcement officers and sercurity professionals.

We conduct our business to promote the right of all free and law abiding citizens to defend their lives with whatever level of force should be necessary. We hold the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States to be absolute and sacred. The Second Amendment guarantees every free citizen the uncompromised absolute right to keep and bear arms for self-defense and to put food on one’s table. No politicians can be permitted to take away this God given right because it is not theirs to give in the first place. However, with this right and the power of the gun, comes serious responsibility. The legally armed citizen has the responsibility to refrain from interfering with other people’s rights, and to reserve the defensive employment of the gun to the gravest extreme when one’s life is placed in imminent danger by an assailant. This responsibility requires good morals, respect for the law, emotional stability, a good attitude, adequate knowledge, and competent skills.

We at Personal Defense Solutions are dedicated to preparing you to exercise your responsibilities as a legally armed citizen.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I took your private Florida concealed weapons permit course and just wanted to say that I still remember the class. I’m now an NRA certified pistol instructor giving concealed weapon classes, range safety officer, reloading instructor and the chief instructor for the Ocala Sportsman Association. I just wanted to once again say thank you for a great class.

Jamie A.

Thank you for giving the class and doing the paperwork for the Florida and Virginia permits. I already received my VA permit back in the mail – it only took three weeks after they received it. While I was waiting I also applied to New Hampshire. It was only $20.00 for 5 years and it only took 11 days to receive it. I believe that you said Florida takes up to 90 days. Thanks again

Adam W.

I just took your Personal Defense Solutions course for Florida and Virginia and Utah, and I must say that you not only made it enjoyable but informative. I would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone wishing to obtain a non resident CCW take Dr. Eimer’s course. Nice person, great course and of course a great support staff! Thank you again!

Vito L.