Close quarter hand-to-hand defensive tactics and the safe and effective defensive use of a firearm go hand-in-hand. We can teach you both skill sets so you can keep safe and stay safe.

If you are a civilian gun-owner, you owe it to yourself, to your family, to your neighbors, and to society, to become a well-trained gun-carrier. And whether you own a gun or not, if you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, you have to learn how to fight for your life should it suddenly become necessary.

2016 is an important year to strengthen your personal solutions for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Violent crime in our big cities is likely to wax a good deal worse than it has been. And politicians will not keep you or family safe. That is your responsibility!

Don’t be a statistic. Avoid going to “stupid” places if you can. However, always be alert and stay aware, no matter where you go!

We are living in an uncertain world that is becoming more dangerous by the day. When personal difficulties get coupled with terrifying news events, a feeling of debilitating dread can make us feel vulnerable and unsafe.

The solution is to learn reality-based self-defense skills and you will feel safer and more confident again.

Civilian gun-owners who are trained gun-carriers are Society’s most valuable “force multiplier” in the fight against violent crime and terrorism. It is a fact that armed citizens have always fulfilled that roll, all the way back to our spiritual ancestors in ancient Sparta.

A willingness to fight can be a deterrence to a potential attack and, conversely, an unwillingness to meet a challenge or provocation can make you a target for an all-out assault. However, to “willingness,” we must add “preparedness” and “readiness!”

All of us at Personal Defense Solutions are dedicated to helping you become prepared and ready to fight for your life if you must. Our expert instructors teach armed and unarmed self-defense skills. We specialize in providing private and semi-private (i.e., small group) instruction in:

  • Defensive handgun shooting
  • Close quarter hand-to-hand defensive tactics
  • The use of edged weapons and defenses against edged weapon attacks
  • Concealed carry tactics
  • Home defense tools and strategies and the use of the shotgun for home defense

Give us a call and speak to one of our professional personal defense instructors about designing a self-defense training program to meet your needs. Call: (215) 938-7283 or 938-S-A-V-E

Keep safe. Be safe. And stay safe.

Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D.
President, Personal Defense Solutions, LLC

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