Private Self-Defense Combatives Instruction

If the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything might look like a nail. This is another way of saying that if the only tool you know how to use proficiently is a gun, you are not sufficiently prepared to solve the majority of face-to-face social problems that you might encounter. Even when deadly force is your only option, if you do not know how to handle yourself in a close quarter confrontation, you are likely to end up giving your gun to your assailant.

Personal defense solutions means choosing the right combination of combat tools for the job-and the job is SURVIVAL. Survival means:

  • S – See the imminent threat
  • U – Understand the threat level
  • R – Respond effectively given the threat level
  • V – Vigorously follow-up your first response
  • I – Intend to disable the threat
  • V – Violently continue your attack to disable your attacker
  • A – Aggressively attack your assailant’s vulnerabilities
  • L – Leave and go home

Self-Defense Combatives, or SDC, is an aggressive counter-attack response system designed to shut down a close quarter attack by pre-empting the attacker’s attack with a more violent counter-attack. It can be learned in under one day, and refined with practice, as it is based on a flexible set of gross motor striking and deflection techniques that can be adapted to one’s body type, strength, and levels of flexibility and fitness. SDC is based on the combative arts of Krav Maga and Karate.

All of the combatives instructors at PDS are trained in SDC, and can teach you this highly effective self-defense system in a series of 5 private lessons lasting an hour each.

Our instructors are well equipped to teach you a variety of close quarter combat skills to get the job done efficiently and decidedly. Each of our instructors has a different set of talents, but all of our instructors will teach you how to fight and win if you are attacked in an asocial confrontation. You won’t learn to dance with us. The only performance we focus on is distracting, disabling, and destroying your attacker.

Learn More about Self Defense

Call us today to find out how you can prepare for “Job One” – your S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L and the protection of your loved ones and family.

Call 215-938-7283 (938-S-A-V-E) and learn how we can set up a program of private self-defense combatives instruction geared to your particular defensive needs.

You can also try out our ongoing Israeli Krav Maga class. You have nothing to lose except your vulnerability to being a victim of a violent asocial criminal. But the confidence you have to gain is priceless.

Make safe. Keep safe. Be safe. Stay safe.

The life you save may be your own, or your loved one’s.

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